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The world is too much affected by the civilisation aspects. We breath polluted air, drink modified water, eat unhealthy foodstuff. We can often find out that it contains more harmful or unhealthy additives than nutrients. Try to reduce the negative influence of the “civilisation background”. Not only for you. For the others - that you love. These are not only your family, relatives or friends, these are your lovely pets as well! Look at what they are given to eat. What is the composition of it? Is it healthy meaty pet food or does it contain more chemicals, preservatives and other additives?

We are the third generation that is interested in the meat processing. Our work is our mission. In our attitude towards business is something more than mere producing and abidance by basic business rules. We pay interest on the lineal ancestor experience, their knowledge of the craft and its connection with the most modern development of the meat processing and pet feeding. We know that the feeding is not only to feed your pet depending on its weight, breed, age and condition. It is more than that. It means to spend joyful time together. Don´t forget – it is the same as with people, the way to a pet’s heart is through its stomach. For you it is good feeling inside that you give the best to your small friend, because it is not only mix of proteins, minerals, sugar, vitamins and fat. Our pet food smells and tastes very well and that is prior to being accepted by your pets. Our pet food makes them feel good.

So why Don´t give it to them?

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